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As Alchemists, we have created this card game as a tool to initiate more people to the Art of the Retrospective and help them become Masters at this craft.

A retrospective is a ceremony where a team invests time and energy to look back and learn from past experience.

It can be help at specific times in any kind of project or event.

The usual duration of a retrospective is between one and two hours.

The best moment for holding a retrospective is an ending / beginning of some sort : end of iteration, delivery to customer, project closure, etc. The start of any phase or iteration is an opportunity for learning.



François Bachmann is a Lean / Agile Coach & Trainer (CSM/CSP) and has gathered experience in software development for the last 20 years in different roles. Since 2003 he coaches companies and teams of various domains (industry SME, finance, public administration, telecom spinoff, web marketing, IT support team,…) with his company SPRiNT iT in their adoption of agile methods (Lean, Scrum, Kanban) in order to improve their continuous delivery of innovative products.

Teaming up with Jacques Couvreur as the „Agile Alchemists“, he helped design the Retrospective Game and has been using it in 3 languages on multiple continents to facilitate retrospectives and to train facilitators in the improvement of their skills.

His favorite quote is «Wisdom is often nearer when we stoop than when we soar.» (William Wordsworth)



As certified XP Practitioner and Scrum Master, Agile coach and trainer, Jacques is the founder and president of (a conference on software development), president of, co-organiser of Swiss XP Days and Agile Tour Geneva and a founding member of He is also co-founder of (agile coaching and training, iOS & Rails development), the founder of (an iPhone/iPad app to collaboratively create user stories).

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Convinced of the value and general applicability of the retrospective, regardless of the domain, Jacques asked François in 2008 to create a card game to amplify the use of this practice: the Agile Alchemists were born!

His motivation: collaborate on problems on the border of his comfort zone.